The Girl Finally Gets to Play

thierry henry is back in action

I am going to be a complete girl about this and say that watching it broke my heart. Seeing a young man as upset as Adeymei about something said to him tugged at my heart strings. That being said as a soccer fan I am also sad that the game of soccer as yet to evolve past racist rants by ridiculous fans. A friend of mine and life-long Liverpool supporter said it best when he commented that “Adeymei abuser’s shame the badge, tarnish the shirt and don’t belong to the LFC family”.

Not something you see everyday - Tim Howard, American goalkeeper who plays for Everton FC scores from his own box!

A Christmas Present for NBA Fans

Christmas Day was that much more joyous for NBA fans, with the lockout officially over, and the teams finally taking the court. It certainly started with a bang with the five games bringing in 6.2 million viewers, up from the 6 million that tuned in last year. Ejections, debuts, and all-star offenses proved ever intriguing; intrigue which the NBA hopes continues throughout this delayed season.

Beltran to the Lou?

Carlos Beltran is expected to be headed to the STL Cardinals. Could this be helping replace the Pujols hole? Obviously he is not filling the role on the field, but Beltran’s hitting is decent and his record speaks for itself, lets see where this one goes….

QPR vs Man Utd at Loftus Rd

QPR vs Man Utd at Loftus Rd

Soccer Transfer Rumors

With the January transfer window fast approach rumors are swirling:

- after getting Anelka will Shanghai be able to snag Drogba?

- will somebody offer misfit Kaka a way out of Real Madrid?

- strapped for fit players will Sir Alex Ferguson have to dip into his savings and do some big spending?

- will an enthusiastic Martin Jol be able to keep hot commodity Bobby Zamora at Fulham?

- with Lampard’s new bench warming status at Chelsea will we be seeing him somewhere different come January? —- maybe his uncle Harry wants him over at Tottenham

- will the ever impressive Gary Cahill stay put at Bolton or finally succumb to his many suitors.

We’re in a rushed league right now. I think everybody’s paying attention to the Chris Paul situation. I don’t know why everybody’s shocked. Commissioner Stern’s been pretty adamant about how he wants to do things and how he does things, and now everybody has a voice about it.
Celtics Kevin Garnett
The Importance of Sports

Baseball has renewed my love of sports. I know that is a bold and extreme sentence, but when that is basically what has happened over the past two months. I have followed and played sports for the past 16 years and have fallen in love with the idea of athletics: the emotion, the dedication. When I stopped playing sports I started following them religiously however lately I have been looking for a job more than I have been looking at sports. As I was in St. Louis having meetings and visiting family, I got reinvested in the Cardinals whom I had started to like while I was at WashU. The journey of the Cardinals from August to the World Series has lifted my mood exponentially over the past few months and really makes me realize what a great thing sports are to the world.


Some people may believe sports are stupid and worthless and only for guys, however I believe that sports are an integral part of our lives and our society. The power they have is undeniable. They are an outlet for people who work 14-hour days and just need a mental break, for people who don’t have jobs and are struggling, and for people just a little lost in life and need to feel a sense of belonging.  There is a smile I get when I see the face of somebody who just hit a home run or scored a touchdown or goal. Goosebumps I get when a montage of prolific moments in sports are shown. Yet there is also a ping in my heart when I see somebody drop a baseball or trip only to see somebody scoring a goal because of his or her mistake. The emotion tied to sports is mesmerizing and undeniable. The outlet that sports have created is amazing.

The importance of sports does not only lie within the emotion, relief and happiness they bring but also within the community and character that they build by fostering loyalty, the idea of right vs. wrong, discipline etc. Being in St. Louis during the playoffs reminded me of the community involved in sports. The joy this World Series has brought St. Louis is attainable by few things other than sports.  Cardinal Nation swept the city and brought everybody together. If you saw somebody else in a Cardinals jersey, hat or any other paraphernalia, you had full permission to talk to them, hug then, and talk to them like they were your best friend. There was no concept of personal space at the games, with people euphorically jumping around, hugging strangers next to them and losing almost all inhibition. The people who get involved in sports have the chance to be a part of this great community, which is such an invaluable experience. Giving people an outlet and community is one of the best things you can ever give somebody and sports gives people just that.